New Orleans Injury Attorney Gives Tips For Car Accident Victims

According to LSU Data Reports, every 3 minutes and 43 seconds an automobile crash occurs in Louisiana. Over forty-three thousand car accidents occurred in Louisiana in 2013, resulting in injury to the driver or passengers.

For your best chance of minimizing injury is to get in the habit of wearing a seatbelt. Many serious injuries could be avoided if passenger and driver wore a seatbelt. Over 40% of fatalities could be prevented if individuals took the time to put on their seatbelt.

A car crash is an unnerving occurrence although it is important to remain calm and call for help. Never leave the scene of an accident to avoid facing hit and run charges. If someone is seriously injured and you leave the scene, you may face felony charges or possibly jail time. Fines may range from $5,00.00 to $20,000.

Determine if anyone requires medical attention for injuries. Call for medical assistance if you suspect someone is injured. Avoid moving anyone until proper medical personnel arrives. Get all parties involved out of the road to a safe area. If you have the reflective equipment, put it out so that other drivers know they are approaching wrecked vehicles. Then call the police. You will need their report for your insurance company.

Use your cell phone to take pictures of the damage to both cars. Accidents require drivers to deal with many things. Notify the insurance company when it is convenient. Give them an honest account of the details of the crash including the police report. Provide contact information for all parties as well as statements from witnesses.

Keep detailed records of all doctor visits and medical procedures This is essential information that you will need to make an insurance claim. After your insurance adjuster assesses the cost of the damage to your car, he will likely provide an amount that is less than you expected. If needed, get a second and maybe a third opinion on the cost involved in repair or replacement of your vehicle. Provide these independent opinions to your adjuster to negotiate a correct payment.

If you have unfortunately suffered severe injuries, your insurance company may offer you a quick settlement. Accepting a quick check before carefully considering your situation may be a big mistake. Never settle with the insurance company before you are sure that you are ok and do not require any medical procedures.

If you’re dissatisfied with the offer that you receive from your insurance company, consult this New Orleans injury attorney to help you review their terms to determine if it is a fair offer. If not, he will negotiate a more appropriate settlement.

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